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Current History

Mt. Bright adopts Central Elementary and provides needed supplies for teachers on teacher workdays (September 2019). 

 Mt. Bright visits the Orange Correctional Center to take the word and encouragement to the men incarcerated in this local facility (September 2019). 

Mt. Bright welcomes Student Intern, Tarvick Linder from Duke University Divinity School.

 Mt. Bright receives a grant to work on health initiatives to improve the wellbeing of members (August, 2019).

During the days that early America was still in the stagecoach and covered wagon era, and before the emancipation of slaves, a group of them called ‘colored’ citizens in Hillsborough, North Carolina found themselves face to face with real religious freedom for the first time.  Prior to 1866, ‘colored’ citizens worshipped and held membership at the now First Baptist Church of Hillsborough at Wake and King Streets.  A section of the minutes from the records of the First Baptist Church reads thus:

“The colored members of the church having already voluntarily withdrawn their fellowship from us for the purpose of organizing a church of their own, therefore, we recommend that their names are stricken from the roll and that recognized them as a separate and distinct church…”

In 1866, the ‘colored’ members, all 20 of them, had already formed a local group under the leadership of Pastor Alfred E. Bright.  This accounts for the church’s name ‘Mount Bright’, which was in his honor.  The original church site was given to the group by Mrs. Susan Graham, wife of the late Honorable William Graham, Governor of North Carolina in 1843.  The original church structure was accidentally destroyed by fire in 1903 and was rebuilt in 1906.  Reverend Alvis Whitted was the pastor at that time. 

The baptism took place in the Eno River until the baptistery was placed in the rebuilt church.  The well-noted church bell was donated in by non-members of Mt. Bright, who called themselves ‘The Reform Union Club’.  In 1979, the current church was erected under the pastorate of William Richardson.  Many church members and friends in the community willingly donated their labor and services freely.  Through the years, Mt. Bright has been noted as a leading congregation in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Our Bright Past